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Footpaths and Heritage Trail


Ufford has a wealth of public footpaths and byways: some date from mediaeval times while others result from the development of the village in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Parish Council has published a leaflet showing the main footpaths and this is available from boxes outside the Community Hall and on the Parish Council noticeboard in Barrack Lane.

To view or download a more comprehensive map, click the link to the 2016 Definitive Footpaths Map of Ufford

Many of our footpaths cross into the neighbouring parishes of Bredfield, Bromeswell, Eyke, Melton and Pettistree, providing interesting circular walks in the local countryside. We ask that walkers respect the Countryside Code and follow the signposted paths especially where they cross farmers’ fields.

While some paths are maintained by Suffolk County Council, recent budget cuts saw Ufford Parish Council establish a Volunteer Working Group to take on the maintenance and upkeep of most of the village’s footpaths. This small group, led by the Footpath Warden, is responsible for weed control and grass cutting as well as the maintenance of stiles, marker posts and signage. The group is always looking for more members, so to volunteer, please contact the Footpath Warden.

Ufford Heritage Trail

Heritage TrailIn 2006, a 3 mile circular walk was established around the village linking 31 places of historical interest. The project also funded the restoration of the Ufford Park gates and the placing of an interpretation board at the little-known Sogenhoe Chapel site

A guide provides notes to read as you walk along the route. Look out for signs with the Heritage Trail motif to help you find your way.

The Heritage Trail guide is available in boxes outside the Community Hall and on the Parish Council noticeboard in Barrack Lane.

QR Codes

QR CodeAs you wander around our Heritage Trail you will see a QR (Quick Response) code at several of the numbered locations . If you have a smart phone, open your Scanning App or simply your camera and point your phone at the QR Code. The code will instantly take you to further information about the specific location you are at.

Below is a table of the current historic information we hold behind our QR Codes:

1. St Mary's Church  2. Ufford Stocks  3. Dower House and Green 
4. White Lion 5. Aldgate Meadow  6. Hawkeswade Bridge
7. Crisp's Meadow 8. Melton Hamlet  9. Almshouses 
10. Ufford House  11. Ufford Place Gates  12. Ufford Place 
13. The Avenue  14. Avenue Cottage  15. Parklands 
16. Ufford Cross  17. Sogenhoe Chapel  18. Evacuees Oak Tree 
19. Red House  20. Clapper Path 21. Ufford Crown 
22. Forge House  23. Crown Farmhouse  24. Vale Farm 
25. Sick Cottages  26. Malthouse Farm  27. East Lane and Strawberry Hill  
28. Willow Farm House  29. Water Mill and Mill House  30. Smock Meadow 
31. Old Rectory      

 Looking to the Future

During 2021 and into 2022, the Parish Council will continue with the upgrade to the signage on the footpath network to incorporate footpath numbering and to show the destination of the main paths linking Ufford with surrounding villages. We are also planning to work with neighbouring parishes to improve access and signage on selected paths.

If you encounter any difficulties on the footpath network or want to report a problem, then please contact the Footpath Warden.