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Vacancy on Ufford Parish Council

29 October 2021

Following the resignation, or more appropriately retirement, of Cllr John Skinner, a vacant seat on UPC has arisen. East Suffolk Council have given permission for UPC to co-opt a Councillor and we hope to achieve this at our November meeting.

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Emergency Plan for Ufford

9 September 2021

Ufford Parish Council are currently considering the merits of establishing an ‘Emergency Plan’ for the parish. These plans can range from simple 2 page documents that contain details of residents willing to help out in the event of an emergency, right up to a document tens of pages long that caters for every emergency imaginable!

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Parish Council Grants

27 August 2021

A Parish Council is permitted to give grants to local village organisations with a view to enhancing the lives of all or some of its residents. Ufford Parish Council undertakes this task once a year, in order to budget for the funds when it requests its annual payment from the District Council.

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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

19 July 2021

On 6th February 1952, The Queen ascended the throne, upon the death of her father, King George VI. Throughout 2022 the United Kingdom will be celebrating the Queen’s 70th Jubilee, this being denoted by Platinum.

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Maintenance Man/Woman Wanted

17 June 2021

Are you handy with maintenance jobs? Ufford PC are looking for a person to carryout occasional maintenance jobs for them. We are happy to pay £15 per hour for the work (plus materials) but we must insist that the contractor holds valid Public Liability Insurance.

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Tyre/Rope Swings in Parklands Wood

12 May 2021

The Parish Council are aware of a number of Tyre/Rope Swings that have been set up in Parklands Wood.

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Understanding the hidden impact of periods

21 April 2021

Residents in East Suffolk are invited to have their say on how periods may impact those who experience them in a new survey.

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Planning Applications in Neighbouring Parishes

12 March 2021

You have probably noticed in the local press that a number of our neighbours have recently been battling large developments: 75 dwellings in Rendlesham, 123 dwellings in Pettistree and, still on the table at the time of writing, the 80 Bed Care home with a further 75 assisted care bungalows in Melton. But what have these got to do with Ufford?

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Bin Collections Rescheduled

12 February 2021

Following this week’s severe weather, which led to the cancellation of all refuse collections in the district, East Suffolk Norse will resume collections on Monday 15 February.

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Help designate Byng Hall Road as a Quiet Lane

29 January 2021

Ufford Parish Council, in conjunction with the Quiet Lanes Suffolk Group, is exploring an opportunity to designate Byng Hall Road as a “Quiet Lane”, as part of a county wide project.

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