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Parish Council

Welcome to Ufford Parish Council

Ufford Parish Council is here to serve all residents of Ufford and aims to be as accessible as possible. Please see our separate pages (to the right) for details of our meetings, who your Councillors are, current Projects and details of exactly what a 'Parish Council' does.

Meet your Parish Clerk

The Clerk to Ufford Parish Council is Judi Hallett and she can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Telephone:     01394 411405 or 07739 411927 (only between 8.30am and 5.30pm Mon - Fri please)
  • E-Mail:     ufford.pc@hotmail.com

Officers of the Parish Council

Ufford Parish Council are very lucky to have the following volunteers who look after different elements of our village life:

Please contact either Rilla or Rob directly if you have a concern about a footpath or a tree in the Parish

Our District and County Councillors

In Ufford we are extremely fortunate to be served by distinguished and experienced District and County Councillors:

Register of Interests

The 'register of interests' for all our Councillors can be found here.