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Neighbourhood Plan


194 households responded to our survey - Thank you.

The Ufford Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for you to have your say on planning issues. Our HOUSEHOLD SURVEY was conducted throughout November 2022. Analysis of the responses has been undertaken in December and the results,  that can be accessed here,  will help to direct the policies for our Neighbourhood Plan.   



What is the Neighbourhood Plan?
The Ufford Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document written by the community to guide future development in the area over the next 20 years.
If successful at referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory development plan for the area. It will be used to determine planning applications.

Community consultation
Producing the Neighbourhood Plan will involve listening to the community to understand the key planning issues.  There will be opportunities along the way to input into ideas.  More information to follow.

Who is involved?
A Steering Group has been formed to run the Neighbourhood Plan process, involving Parish Councillors and local residents.  The group are involved in listening to the community to form the content of the Plan.
Members include: Philippa Adcroft, Edward Creswick, David Findley, Rilla Forge, Kathryn Jones, Steve Mayhew, Simon Read, Samantha Summer and Nigel Smith.  Our Parish Clerk Judi Hallett will also be supporting the work, and providing her skills and resources to help the group. 

How will the Plan progress?
Here is a flow chart of how the plan will progress...
Flow Chart
Click here for the working party Terms of Reference [ToR].

Click here for the minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group [NP minutes].

Our Placecheck activity has been completed (for now) and results and comments are being analysed in association with the household survey.   Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Placecheck activity.   Not all comments are appropriate to the Neighbourhood Plan, but be assured that all will be shared with the Parish Council for consideration of improvements or actions to be taken in the parish.