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Our Village

Uffrod BridgeUfford hosts a thriving mixed community of approximately 950 people. The older area of the village around the Church of "St. Mary of the Assumption", with its world famous carved font cover, nestles with ancient cottages, some of which are thatched. The village is, more or less, bordered on one side of a triangle by the historic Yarmouth Road (the old A12) and on one other by water meadows over which a network of footpaths run. The third side of the triangle borders the parish of Melton.

Ufford is famous for its generous community spirit, wholeheartedly embracing public and village festivals with relish.

Please note that Ufford has a public defibrillator at the Community Hall on the Recreation Ground. The code for the box is 1394. If you have occasion to use the defibrillator please notify the Parish Clerk who will replace any pads. There is also a private defibrillator at Low Farm, Bridge Road, which can be used by members of the public if required.