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Our Village

Uffrod Bridge

Ufford is home to a thriving community of approximately 1,000 people.  The older part of the village clusters around our 13th – 14th century church, St Mary of the Assumption, with its famous 15th century carved font cover and richly carved and decorated woodwork.  Many of the houses in this part of the village date from the 16th-18th centuries and several are still thatched.  The later upper part of the village grew up around the main toll road linking Ipswich and Yarmouth from the 18th century, now replaced by the A12 by-pass.  This forms the western edge of our village, which is bordered to the south by the parish of Melton and to the east by Ufford’s water meadows.

Ufford is well known for its welcoming community spirit, and we enthusiastically embrace a number of public and village festivals and events.

Recently moved to Ufford? - If you are a new resident in Ufford, please read our New Residents’ Welcome Page.

There is a public defibrillator at the Community Hall; the code to open the case is C1394.  If you have had to use this defibrillator, please notify the Parish Clerk (ufford.pc@hotmail.com) so that any pads used can be replaced.  There is also a private defibrillator at Low Farm, Bridge Road, which can be used by the public if required, by kind permission of Mr James Foskett.

There is no longer a public telephone in Ufford.