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Emergency Plan for Ufford

9 September 2021

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Ufford Parish Council are currently considering the merits of establishing an ‘Emergency Plan’ for the parish. These plans can range from simple 2 page documents that contain details of residents willing to help out in the event of an emergency, right up to a document tens of pages long that caters for every emergency imaginable!

At this stage we are simply collecting names of people who would be willing to be identified as having a skill or equipment that might be useful in an emergency. You may own a 4x4 that would be useful in the snow, or a chainsaw for cutting up a tree blocking the road, or perhaps you have a medical qualification that could be called on if the village were cut off for any length of time (remember the 1987 hurricane!). Your contact details would only be known to a small committee and the SCC/ESC Joint Emergency Committee and you could remove them at any time. If you would like to put your name down as someone who could possibly help, please e-mail the Parish Council.