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Good Neighbour Scheme

Ufford Good Neighbours has Closed

I regret to announce that Ufford Good Neighbours closed down on Thursday 15th November at our 9th AGM. The closure motion was carried unanimously by the 6 volunteers present at the vote.

UGN began in 2009 due to popular village demand captured in the Parish Plan ‘Ufford 2020’. Since then and for about 7 years we have had an average of 2 jobs per month, and clients have been most appreciative. This dropped to 1 job per month in 2017. In 2018 we did no jobs.

Our mobile number has a new recorded announcement explaining that Ufford Good Neighbours has now closed. The number will be kept going until Feb/Mar, and then ceased.

The balance of the scheme’s assets will be donated to charity. The paperwork and computer files will be archived to help any future relaunch.

My warmest thanks go to the Parish Council and the many volunteers and Committee Members who have helped over our 9 year lifespan.

Martin Whitehead