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Young Persons Survey

12 September 2020

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Calling all Ufford residents aged between 7 and 18….[Parents/Guardians – Please can you help out the younger ones?]

Ufford Parish Council would like to know what you think about facilities in Ufford and what further amenities could be provided. If you have 5 minutes would you please e-mail the Parish Council (at ufford.pc@hotmail.com) with your answers to these questions:

  1. Is there a good range of organised activities (clubs and societies) for young people in Ufford?
  2. If the answer to A above is Yes, which activities do you enjoy?
  3. If the answer to A above is No, which activities would you like to see organised?
  4. Is there a good choice of unsupervised activities (e.g. Play Park, Table Tennis, Recreation Ground, Multi-Use Games Area) in Ufford?
  5. If the answer to D above is Yes, which facilities do you enjoy using?
  6. If the answer to D above is No, what additional facilities would you like to see?
  7. We suspect many of your school friends live outside Ufford; How do you get to see them outside of school? Do you use the bus, walk, cycle or does someone drive you?
  8. If Ufford Parish Council used Social Media, would you communicate through it with us?
  9. Are you interested in protecting and improving the wild habitat around Ufford? If you are, how would you like to be involved?
  10. What do you like best about living in Ufford?
  11. What do you like least about living in Ufford?
  12. Do you have any other comments you would like to put to the Parish Council? If so, fire away…..

In your e-mail, please let us have just your first name and age so that we can record this. We will not keep your e-mails and we will not use your name when pulling together all the comments we receive.

Thank you so much for your time. If you don’t have e-mail, please write your answers on a piece of paper and post them in to the Parish Council post box at the Community Hall (to the left of the main entrance). We really look forward to hearing from you.