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Working with our neighbouring Parish Councils

23 November 2020

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Base Business Park (formally known as Bentwaters Park) was established after the US Airforce left in 1993. This facility has expanded year on year and now offers Industrial Units and Warehousing, Workshops, Offices and Secure Storage.

All this expansion is great for the local economy and jobs, but it does come at a cost. You could not fail to notice the increased traffic travelling to and from Bentwaters, both through Melton and vehicles taking a short cut through Ufford (most of these are smaller but not unusually huge HGVs).  There is a fear that if Sizewell C is given the go-ahead, that sites at Bentwaters could be used, informally, to store materials and thus increase the volume of traffic.

Neighbouring Parish Councils, particularly Eyke and Campsea Ashe, have been suffering from a huge increase in traffic, and with a shared problem UPC have joined forces with other Parish Councils to seek an urgent meeting with both ESC Planning Department and SCC Highways. The Coronavirus has meant the meeting has had to be postponed but we will keep you informed of the discussions.