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Precept for 2020/2021

17 January 2020

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The ‘Precept’ is the amount of funding a Parish Council requests from the local District Council (DC). The DC collect this figure from local householders through the Council Tax and the breakdown of the figures should appear on your Council Tax bill (along with the amounts requested by the Police, Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council).

At their meeting on 17th December, UPC took the difficult decision to raise the Precept request for 2020/21 by just under 4%, requesting a total figure of £20,466. Allowing for slight amendments in the number of households paying Council Tax, this should equate to a Band D property paying approximately £53.44 per year for the Ufford PC element of their Council Tax, or just over £1.00 a week. The increase was not an easy decision to take but was brought about mainly by increased costs in maintaining Parklands Woods. However, we feel that the costs relating to the woodlands are very reasonable, when compared to the facilities it provides for all Ufford residents.