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Planning Applications in Neighbouring Parishes

12 March 2021

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You have probably noticed in the local press that a number of our neighbours have recently been battling large developments: 75 dwellings in Rendlesham, 123 dwellings in Pettistree and, still on the table at the time of writing, the 80 Bed Care home with a further 75 assisted care bungalows in Melton. But what have these got to do with Ufford?

Ufford PC believe they should, in certain circumstances, comment on applications of this scale due to the cumulative impact development has on the surrounding area. 75 new dwellings in Rendlesham may, on the face of it, be too far away to affect Ufford’s residents. But 75 dwellings probably means an additional 150 cars, many attempting to leave Rendlesham for work, shopping or leisure purposes every day. They will soon come across the traffic jams at the Melton Crossroads (on many days backing up to the Unruly Pig and beyond) and will then look for an alternative route to the A12; what better than a quick nip through beautiful Ufford?

Similarly, 136 new dwellings in Pettistree (abutting the new houses in Wickham Market) may feel like too far away to affect Ufford; but all these people will firstly, need to register with the Doctor, making waiting times for appointments even longer than they are now and secondly, their vehicles will add to the number using the High Street to access the A12 in a southbound direction.

The criteria for consideration by UPC, are those applications which are expected to:

  • Lead to a significant increase in traffic generation onto roads through Ufford and/or additional strain on the wider physical infrastructure of the Woodbridge area (e.g. key link roads, access to rail and bus services, water supply,  sewerage, telecoms etc.)
  • Negatively impact on the demand for and supply of key services and facilities available to Ufford residents (e.g. access to schools, medical and dental care)
  • Impact on the rural/ village character of Ufford and its adjoining area (e.g. potential ribbon development or large scale housing development nearby)
  • Have the scale to create wider issues for East Suffolk, changing its character and environment (e.g. Sizewell C)

The Parish Council is now monitoring ALL development in the parishes surrounding Ufford and where we feel it appropriate we will alert parishioners through the PUNCHLine to large scale development which may impact Ufford’s residents.