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It's Ufford PC .... but not as we know it!

23 April 2020

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Like all other organisations, clubs, societies and groups, Ufford Parish Council is having to find new ways of working, whilst the country observes the strict social distancing rules put in place by the government to combat COVID-19.

So far we have had three test meetings using the ‘Zoom’ facility (we are sure other video conference providers are available!). Each proved very successful and all participants were surprised at how easy the system was to use and how naturally the contributors slipped in to ‘meeting mode’ with healthy discussion and debate very forthcoming. As soon as legislation is amended we will look to hold any emergency discussions via this media and, if possible, we will invite members of the public to listen, just like any normal PC meeting. If this is not possible we will record the meeting and place the recording on the web site.

One new way of working has caused some hilarity however. Unfortunately the PC still pay their bills via cheque, and in many circumstances the payment of these has been vitally important for the recipient. The new process developed by the Clerk entails her knocking on the door of the signatory and then scooting away like some rebellious child, only to hide behind her car whilst the cheques are checked and signed. This is then repeated at the second signatory – great fun!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council during this ‘lock-down’ period. We are still here and still able to take your questions and queries – see contact details below.