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How do I comment on a Panning Application?

31 July 2020

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Once an application has been lodged, if you would like to comment on it, it is very important that you do so directly to ESC. It is ESC who decide if an application can be permitted or not, not the Parish Council. Ufford Parish Council is a ‘Statutory Consultee’ so we are asked for our opinion on each application.

To comment on an application you can communicate with ESC Planning in any of the following ways:

  • E-Mail – Send an e-mail to planning@eastsuffolk.gov.uk    
  • Write – Send a letter to ESC Planning Department, East Suffolk House, Station Road, Melton, Suffolk IP12 1RT
  • Online Comment – Register with the ESC Planning System and use the ‘Make a Comment’ button

If you do make a comment on an application please ensure you clearly state at the top if you ‘object to’ or ‘support’ the application.  It is useful to the Parish Council if you can also copy us in; this allows us to ‘get a feel’ for local opinions and to then make an informed comment ourselves.