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Help shape guidance for new housing developments in Suffolk

5 January 2021

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Suffolk County Council has commissioned the production of Suffolk Design: Streets Guide, a new design guide to update existing guidance for new residential developments, and is asking members of the public for feedback in shaping the guidance.

The Streets Guide is part of the Suffolk Design initiative which is where District and Borough planning authorities and the County Council are working together to improve the design criteria and guidance for new developments across the county.

The guide seeks to draw together national policies, guidance and other best practice and set within the Suffolk context.  It covers more than just technical standards for roads, as requirements for footpaths, cycleways, utilities, sustainable drainage are also set out. 

In addition, the Streets Guide will assist with the development of local and neighbourhood plans.

The guide is not intended to be used to resist development.  It is to guide designers and developers in drawing together proposals that they want to put forward.

The consultation is open until 5pm on Wednesday 10 February 2021. Members of the public can take part by visiting, www.suffolk.gov.uk/suffolkstreets