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Goodbye to the Redwood

23 May 2019

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For a little while, UPC and the Friends of Parklands Wood Group have been concerned for the health of the 100’ Redwood Tree in Parklands Wood, that that lends its name to Redwood Terrace. The tree had been externally examined by a number of experts but their opinions differed so we took the decision to have a full tomography survey carried out.

The results of this survey have revealed that the tree is in a very poor condition and it is likely that it has been hit a number of times by lightening. The recommendation from the surveyor is that it is felled. This news is heart-breaking as this tree is one of the largest of its type in the area and an iconic tree in Ufford. However, with the tree being in a public place and close to houses we had to consider the safety of residents first.

Once the tree has been felled (possibly the first week in June), we will explore all options with local residents to ensure there will be a new Redwood planted close to Redwood Terrace.