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Crown Nursery Development – Appeal is lodged

8 November 2018

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We would like to inform residents that application DC/17/2512/OUT (for a 60 bed care home, 33 dwellings and business units) at Crown Nursery, which was refused planning permission by SCDC, has now gone to appeal and will be heard by Public Inquiry.

It is likely that the inquiry will not be heard until June 2019 at the earliest. However, it is imperative that we advise the Inspector of the names of anyone wishing to speak at the appeal as soon as possible.

If you would like to apply to speak at the inquiry (the final decision is down to the Inspector) please contact the Parish Council at ufford.pc@hotmail.com or call the Clerk on 01394 411405, as soon as possible. Please be aware that those who are granted leave to speak will need to be prepared to be cross examined by all parties connected to the appeal and the Inspector overseeing the inquiry.

Details of the actual date of the inquiry will be released in the PUNCH as soon as it is known and we will hold a public meeting to notify residents of the process and what they can do.