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Community Speedwatch

14 February 2020

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As residents of Ufford you will be aware that, like many other Suffolk villages, we are plagued by vehicles being driven above the speed limit through our village. This is especially noticeable along the High Street, Yarmouth Road and The Avenue. Following numerous complaints and a couple of accidents, the Parish Council asked the Safer Neighbourhood Team (part of Suffolk Constabulary) to carryout speed checks. The response from the SNT was very disappointing. Unfortunately they have very limited resources to carry out such checks, even in areas where speeding is prevalent.

So, if we want speed checks carried out we will have to organise them ourselves.

A number of local villages have what is known as a Community Speedwatch Group. This is a group of 4 or 5 volunteers, using an authorised piece of equipment (a speed gun), in an authorised location, to record vehicles travelling at an average speed of 35mph or more. A local parish is willing to lend the equipment to Ufford and the Parish Council Clerk is willing to liaise with Suffolk Constabulary to establish the authorised sites and train volunteers; all we need now are 4 or 5 volunteers. You would need to commit to 2 or 3 sessions every 8 weeks and each session would only last 1 hour maximum. You would also need to be capable of holding a gun style device steady for a few minutes at a time, at arm’s reach and/or describing accurately the number plate, colour, make and model of a car for someone else to write down.

Are you willing to step forward? If you are please contact the Parish Council,