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Ufford Conservation Area Appraisal

1 September 2015

Do you live in Ufford? If so you may be interested in having a read of the draft appraisal for the conservation area in the village. The purpose of an appraisal to identify the special character of the conservation area so that it can be preserved or enhanced and we welcome feedback on what we have written. We also welcome comments on any issues facing these conservation areas and how they may be addressed; what features are more or less important in them; and how change may be directed in the future.

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Goodbye to the Zip Wire

26 August 2015

The Parish Council are sad to announce that the Zip Wire at the Play Park will be removed next week. The design resulted in the riders travelling too fast and sometimes bumping along the ground.

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Qualifications for the Clerk

16 September 2014

Ufford Parish Council are delighted to announce that their Clerk is now fully qualified and holds the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA).

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Public Exhibition Announced

3 September 2014

Today Athene Communications Ltd  have announced that they will be holding 2 public exhibitions to display plans for the relocating of Woodbridge Town Football Club and St Audrys Sports and Social Club to the former Notcutts Nursery on Yarmouth Road (opposite the Council Depot). The details are:

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Play Park Phase I

5 August 2014

The Parsih Council are delighted to announce that the equipment for Phase I of the new Play Park project is on order. We hope that installation will start in September and we will be holding an opening ceremony once it is all completed.

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Redesigned Web Site

5 August 2014

Throughout August the Ufford Web Site will be re-designed and updated. If you have any information you would like added please notify me at ufford.pc@hotmail.com

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Ufford Playground Consultation - Results

1 October 2013

Thank you to all of you who completed our consultation survey.   The results make interesting reading and can be viewed here.  

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Overview of Recent Local Policing Changes

6 August 2013

There have been some recent staffing changes across the Local Policing Command of Woodbridge.

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Mobile Police Station Update

26 June 2013

A letter has been received by the Parish Council to update us on the latest position on the Mobile Police Station. The large mobile police station is being replaced by a smaller, transit van sized one.

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Playzone Inspection Report - May 2013

4 June 2013

The latest Safety Inspection report carried out on behalf of Ufford Parish Council on the Playzone is now available.

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