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Annual Litter Pick

28 February 2020

The annual Litter Pick and Village Spring Clean will happen on Saturday 21st March. If you can spare an hour please meet at the Recreation Ground car park at 10.00am to collect your bags and picking sticks and to be allocated an area. Please bring with your strong gloves and wear bright clothing (hi-vis if you have it). Children are very welcome to take part but MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

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Community Speedwatch

14 February 2020

As residents of Ufford you will be aware that, like many other Suffolk villages, we are plagued by vehicles being driven above the speed limit through our village. This is especially noticeable along the High Street, Yarmouth Road and The Avenue. Following numerous complaints and a couple of accidents, the Parish Council asked the Safer Neighbourhood Team (part of Suffolk Constabulary) to carryout speed checks. The response from the SNT was very disappointing. Unfortunately they have very limited resources to carry out such checks, even in areas where speeding is prevalent.

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Precept for 2020/2021

17 January 2020

The ‘Precept’ is the amount of funding a Parish Council requests from the local District Council (DC). The DC collect this figure from local householders through the Council Tax and the breakdown of the figures should appear on your Council Tax bill (along with the amounts requested by the Police, Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council).

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Family Fund to support vulnerable young people, children and families

10 December 2019

The Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme provides support to individual families experiencing significant hardship. It is managed by the Family Fund and can provide essential ‘one off’ items to meet a child's basic needs. For example, a bed to sleep in or items of clothing.

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