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Parklands Wood

Bicycle Jump Track

Ufford Parish Council are aware that a number of jumps have been constructed in Parklands Wood. We would like to make it clear that this has happened without the knowledge or authority of the Council and the Council takes no responsibility for the track or for any injury caused to anyone whilst using the track.


Ufford Parish Council purchased Parklands Woods (8.12ha) from Suffolk Coastal District Council in 2014.  The woodland has historically been used by the community of Ufford predominantly for recreational purposes. It is the intention that this usage continue, along with more structured woodland management that ensures the woodland not only survives but allows an increase in biodiversity and habitat.

It is the intention that management of the wood will fulfil the Parish Council's “Duty of Care” and ensure the safe use of the woodland for recreation users, the public highway and adjacent landowners. The woodland has developed from Parkland and as such has a large number of mature and some veteran trees species (oak, ash, lime and sweet chestnut) some of which have already become over mature and have required remedial actions to make them safe. The long term vision for the woodland would be to create a sustainable, uneven aged structure to the wood; with multiple layered canopy structure, through the use of a continuous cover forestry approach